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Testing Engineer


Position : Testing Engineer

Welcome : Singaporeans, PR

Vacancy : 2

Salary : SGD 2,500 - 6,000 monthly

Work experience : more than 1 years

Educational : Diploma or above

Language : Mandarin, English

Job description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for web and app use case writing and test plan execution.

2. Responsible for web and app quality control and bug collection and management.

3. Responsible for web and app bug analysis and follow-up processing.


1. More than 1 years of experience in Web and App testing.

2. Familiar with software development programs, basic methods of Web\App testing, and familiar with APP and Web system software testing procedures.

3. Familiar with the APP\WEB use case design and distribution method and the writing specifications and requirements of test documents.

4. Strong ability to withstand pressure, support multi-project testing, be proactive and have a good sense of responsibility, and can assist in the development and repair

bugs, with the ability to analyze and locate bugs.

5. Familiar with commonly used testing tools, such as Jira,Postman,Monkey,Flidler, Appscan and other tools are preferred.

6. Familiar with one or more script languages, and have certain R&D capabilities are preferred.

7. Test experience in the field of performance, security, white box testing, and automated testing is preferred.

8. Familiar with financial business is preferred.

9. Development experience is preferred.

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