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Our Mission

Pursue professional and accurate information and data with keen observation, professional on-site information, and safe and reliable solutions. Committed to providing safe and effective technical solutions and network solutions for all industry entrepreneurs and various investors.


Our company

Tecstation has strong capabilities in software engineering and system integration. We are committed to a customer-centric approach, combining professional service expertise with emerging technologies to provide digital service capabilities. We offer consulting, products, solutions, general technical services, emerging technology services, digital operations, and ecosystem innovations to clients in various industries including insurance, finance, blockchain technology, security management, and diversified investments, helping enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Founded in Singapore, focusing on network technology and product innovation, with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance network service platform, rapid construction of superior applications of business capabilities.

For the security of network information, we provide users with professional security services such as technology research and application development, security reinforcement, risk assessment. Aim to provide users with highly professional and innovative products, to ultimately empower security.

We have two experienced professional teams!


One team possesses rich experience and capabilities in technology and network technology, providing clients with a wide range of information technology services such as information system design and development, product engineering, testing, and operation maintenance. They also help many enterprises solve various difficulties, making their business development easier.


The other team specializes in network security, with years of expertise and extensive professional experience. They are dedicated to conducting network security assessments, market research, and providing insightful analysis of market trends to help clients better understand and address cybersecurity threats.

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